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Get digital brand exposure done right from the get go. All the fancy features available with your experience – made just for you…

We’re going to come out and say it: getting creative is our jam and bringing your activations to life is what we do best (#humblebrag).

Give us your brief, tell us your marketing goals for sharing your brand story, and watch as we transform it all into something worth sharing!

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Branding gets your name seen by potential customers


Your brand everywhere – on the booth, the shareable photo, the props

Customised Data acquisition


Customisable data capture – tell us what you want to know

Analytics of your interactive marketing event


Real-time analysis to measure ROI

Share your brand throughout multiple channels- increase your reach


Why post to one account when you can post to thousands?

branded slide shows customised with to your launch or activation

Slide Shows

Stream a slide-show of all the shenanigans!

Digital Props for photo booths

Digital Props

Add event-themed digital accessories to your photos!



Let us animate you green screen background or shareable



Let us tailor your perfect photo experience


We get it: your brand is everything to you. It’s the result of your hard work – your unwavering dedication – and it’s what sets you apart from the rest. It’s how your tribe find you, know you, and fall in love with you again and again. From fully branding your photo booth experience with a bespoke wrap to customising the start button to align with your brand story and colour palette, we can do it all. In fact, it’s kinda what we’re known for!


Data & Analytics

You tell us what you want to capture: postcodes, ages of guests, emails – heck, even their favourite movies! Our data capture surveys are entirely customisable and can provide you with organic social data to help you build your marketing strategies, your database, and your future campaigns.

Gather more leads and increase your sales in a simple, yet effective way.

Curious to see how much reach your event got? Want to analyse your social impact? Wondering how successful your event was? Or are you über-confident that you’ve smashed it out of the park and just want to look at how much dang fun your guests really had? Yeah, we thought so…


Call us crazy, but when it comes to elevating your presence in today’s socially-driven market, it makes sense that you need to connect with your clients on a social level.


Slide Shows

Stream a slide show of all the shenanigans happening in front of the camera, in real-time. Everyone can enjoy the fun!

Digital Props

Stick props and photobooth signs are *so* 2015. Let us create digital, event-themed accessories that are custom-designed to fit with your specific theme or brand.

Animation & Filters

Our design team will work alongside you to create graphics and details that align with your brand’s marketing strategies, bring the entertainment value up to drive social engagement, and are just out-of-this-world fun! Whether it’s adding a glitch filter, emulating a sketch theme, or having horses run across the overlay for a Race Day event, we can program it.

White Labelling

We understand the planning and attention to detail that goes into event activations. We want your customers to completely immerse themselves in and align with your brand, which is why we offer white labelling for all our experiences. This also creates a more streamlined and consistent approach to marketing your brand and helps guarantee reach and engagement with intended audiences.


At Social Exposure, we understand that no two events are the same. That’s why our packages are fully customisable to meet the unique needs of your brand. Our team will work with you to tailor our photo booth experiences and features to fit your marketing plan (and imagination!) Our technology and products are adaptable and responsive, and our design team thrives on creative (read: cray-cray) ideas that bend the rules. Game on.

Everything Covered

It’s not just the design and creation of amazing events we are good at. We work on everything, right down to the production of pull up banners and custom media walls. We can design, produce and set-up anything you need, including AV equipment and lighting! Full event builds are just part of the service – we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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