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Welcome to our experiential marketing blog! Read how we develop and execute brand activations for business to showcase their products and services to the wider community and targeted audiences. Social media fan engagement strategies, customer growth, and client acquisitions will form the backbone of what we share here.

Get tips on the best way to launch a brand, grow a fan base and build an audience. Brand ambassadors and raving admirers can be yours when you follow our product launch marketing tips and store opening ideas.

Brand Activation Event

Read about how the immersive experience of hiring a photo booth can boost brand activation events. We offer advice and tips on how to make your next fan engagement experience a sure success. […]

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Measuring the success of your event

So you’ve just hosted an event. Congratulations! How do you think it went? Did you get a positive vibe, or do you feel like it could have gone better? Post-activation, there are a few ways you can measure whether your event was the best or a bust: Did you meet your budget? This one is […]

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What is Experiential Marketing

If you’re not including experiential marketing in your strategy, are you even reaching your ideal client? #AskingForAFriend Here at Social Exposure we create interactive, live experiences that build brand loyalty. Give your customers what they want – genuine, meaningful encounters with the brands they love – and immerse them in your vision. Start up a […]

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charity social media marketing

Charity Social Media Marketing

Creating a strong and recognisable brand is essential for any business. While it’s clear what benefits branded marketing can have for corporate clients, it is less clear how this can benefit areas such as the not-for-profit sector. Despite the great variety of not-for-profits, few have made an impact on the public consciousness. Big businesses have the resources for mass marketing, but what can the little guy do? […]

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Experiential Marketing and Millennials

Just as the trend from paper to digital has left some publishers in the dirt, brands are having a tough time attracting the attention of tech and brand-savvy young adults using traditional forms of marketing. Billboards, junk mail, commercials, even digital ads are being ignored, thrown out or ad blocked by potential customers. You don’t […]

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Guide on cross-platform hybrid development for architects and app development leadersGuide on cross-platform hybrid development for architects and app development leaders

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