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Introducing our custom photo experiences. Pure genius at building meaningful social experiences for brands.

At Social Exposure, we’re ready to expose your event and brand (in the PG-rated way!) through custom photo booth solutions and technology that will blow your mind! Whether it’s for a product launch, shopping centre activity, corporate awards night or 3 day expo, we have photo options for you that range from our Social Mover to our Morphing options.

Let us build a bespoke offering perfect for your event. Our experiential marketing campaigns coupled with our oh-so-innovative and unique experiences utilising our custom photo technology, make events worth every bit of the social exposure they’re going to get. Whether you want to build your client database, analyse consumer data, get your customers to rep your brand with all the latest swag, or even fly through space (yep, we can actually do that), we’ve got you covered with a wide range of out-of-this-world features. Prepare to have your (marketing) mind blown!

custom photo booth hire
hire custom photo booths

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We partner with clients to make sure events run effortlessly utilising our custom photo booth options, our creative design flair, our customised packages and our first class and personalised service.

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What makes us different?

Our social media tailored photo booths are pure genius at creating genuine social connections between brands and their tribes. Use experiential marketing experiences to engage with people. Choose from an option within our deck below or let us build a custom photo booth package perfect for your event.

Vertical Photo Booth

vertical photobooths hire

When a standard upright photo activation just won’t work – enter vertical photo booth! No idea is too crazy, we can snap any kind of angle!

Graffiti Touch

Guests embrace their inner Banksy by adding stencils, stamps, squiggles, whatever they want to their photo!

Custom Printing

You need to stand out from the crowd – we get it! We have custom printing solutions including magnets, stickers and ID cards.

Social Mover

Amped up GIF Booth!

Social Revolution

We all love to be in the limelight! Our 360 Exposure booth allows guests to get the royal treatment up on a podium while immersing themselves into a bespoke setting and slow motion experience. If you’re looking for that new angle to your marketing strategies, look no further – 360 Exposure is here!

Mosaic Wall

Get on board with the latest in live and interactive event experiences. Mosaic walls are dynamite, finding the best of both worlds between on-site event engagement and entertainment and digital sharing and branding.

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